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Only in the darkness you are available see the stars.

If you end up with boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad,
your teacher, your priest, or some gut on television telling you how to do your shit, then
you DESERVE it.
- Frank Zappa

*It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
- Marilyn Monroe

*I love the feeling when you smile at me, or even just look at me, because I know that I've
crossed your mind. Even just for a second
- Anonymous

You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night
before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly
the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.

Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I feel, of what I've said, of who I am, but most of
all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my life the way I feel when
I'm with you.

I wish you could hear all the words I'm too afraid to say.

A relationship is only made for two, but some bitches don't know how to count

- all those moments will be lost in time , like tears in the rain .
- people always tell me to follow my dreams , so thats why i follow u .
- life is too short to be anything , but happy .
- Don't fall in love . Fall off a bridge , it hurts less .
- I'm like a butterfly ; pretty to look at , hard to catch .
- Happily ever after is so once upon a time .
- The best things in life aren't things .
- I'm a good girl with bad habits .
- I lost my number , can i get yours ?

What we learned as children, that one plus one equals two. We know to be false, one plus one
equals one. We even have a word for when you plus another equals one. That word is love.

There are things to learn, things to gain, things to love and things you never want to know about:D
Don't ask if you don't want to know:D
You learn whole this life, but still die as dumb. (sry kui olemas)
Look, but don't see. Touch, but don't feel. Listen, but don't hear. That's what they usually call love.

* How can I say " i love you " when i love you more than words can say ?
* i wanna be this girl he's scared to lose, the one where hea can't walk away from knowing
she's mad at him, the one who can't fall asleep with out her voice being the last one he
hears, the one he can't L I V E W I T H O U T .
* Now you break my heart & tell me you still love me ?
* How does it feel, to know that you're everything i need ?
* You can always start liking someone over and over again but you can never stop loving
* You break my heart into a thousand pieces and you say it's because i deserve better .
* Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints
on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.
* It's funny how someone can break your heart and you still love them with all the little
* Real love stories never have happy endings, because the real love stories never end.
*When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life, that you have thousand reasons
to smile.
* If you were to ask how many times you run trough my mind, I'd only say: once, because
you never even left.
* Life is a journey and love is what makes the journey worthwhile.
* The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They
must be felt by heart.
* The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to be in love and to be loved back.
* Never leave the one you love for the person you like, because the one you like will leave
you for the person they love.
* When one door of hapiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed
door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
* I don't know how to not love you, I only know how to not let you go.

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.

Without friendship life has no sweetness.

Life is a journey and love is what makes the journey worthwhile.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

Good friends are angels on earth.

If you see someone without smile,give them one of yours.

True friends fill your life with joy,your soul with sunshine and your heart with love.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince.

Many people walk in and out of our lives,only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts.

Tears are words from heart that cant be spoken.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath
La vita e bella - elu on ilus :D

Never say never.

Teach me laughter, save my soul!

Only when the last tree is death, the last river dammed and the last field paved over will we realize
we can´t eat money !!

true friendship never ends !
if love is the answer , can you please repeat the question ?
[ sorri , aga ma arvan , et igaüks saab nendest aru x) ]

You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without.
If we get all we want.. then, do we really want what we get?
God don't kill, people do that.

Now i can see, how fake he can be.
Oh No! The Electricity Is Out, We'll Have To Watch TV By Candlelight.

* A wise girl kisses but does not love, listens but does not believe &
leaves before she is left.

* and when you start to miss let me go
* As you left and said your good-byes, you forgot to tell my heart how to live without you.

* I would die for you.

* Enjoy your life today because yesterday had gone and tomorrow may never come.

* Every girl deserves to feel good about herself, and see how beautiful she really is..

* Every morning he tells me I'm gorgeous. I am actually starting to believe him...

* Everyone's going to hurt you sooner or later, you just have to decide who's worth going through
the pain.

* A best friend is the one who can look at you with the biggest smile on your face and still know
some things wrong..

* Girls have unique magic tricks, they get wet without water, bleed without injury, and make
boneless things hard.

* Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak;sometimes it means that you are strong enough to
let go !

* I know I'm not easy to love, but could you try anyway ?

* If you can't get someone out of your head, then maybe they are supposed to be there.

* You wanted perfect , you got your perfect . Now I'm too perfect for someone like you..

* You shouldn't have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it.

¤ Angels exist, only sometimes they don't have wings and then we call them friends.
¤ Friends are angles, who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble rememberring how to fly.
¤ Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond
the imperfections.
¤ We don't know the value of our moments until they have become a memory.
¤ The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be
felt by heart.

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